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4 Hedonistic Resorts for Adults on a Mission of Pleasure

Opposites do not, or, at least, should not attract. Successful relationships are the result of two like-minded individuals sharing life’s journey according to their own personal and agreed upon agenda. What’s allowed versus what they better never…

Which bring us to hedonism. Merriam-Webster defines “hedonism” as the doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the sole or chief goal in life. People who live by this creed place the pursuit of their own personal pleasure and satisfaction above all else. For a free-spirited, anything goes couple living an unorthodox lifestyle, society’s taboos simply don’t apply. No value judgments here. Be happy.

Conservative couples generally take the typical vacation routes of Yellowstone and such, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. But where do couples who prefer an edgier escape go when they want to slip away for a fun time with their like-minded peers?

Here are a few options for those living the “lifestyle” or who just want to spice things up a bit.
1    Hedonism II – Negril, Jamaica

Guests at Hedo II are largely comprised of uninhibited couples from America and Canada. For them, this is their Mecca. It isn’t unusual to find couples who have visited the all-inclusive resort up to 15 times, this being the only travel destination on their list.

Clothing is not optional on the nude side of the resort. They aren’t allowed. This is to make certain everyone is on the same page and to cut down on gawkers who may be there for all the wrong reasons. This seldom happens, but in the event it does, they are usually escorted out. Single males are frowned upon but open-minded females are readily accepted into to the fold.

There is a clothing optional side for tamer couples whose only desire is to enjoy the white sand and golden sun in the buff but they have their limits. The two sides are separated by a recreation area with a huge waterslide, a workout room, some outdoor pool tables, and the dining and stage facility. Guests are required to cover their private areas however skimpily they choose when in this shared area.

The food is incredible and the seafood just came out of the ocean. There is an around the clock buffet as well as several other excellent dining options. Nightly live entertainment is always on the agenda.

On the nude side, expect to see what you probably expect you will see. Expect to possibly be invited to have some adult fun, and expect to see every size and body shape imaginable. If any of this offends, visit the Grand Canyon instead.
Hedonism II   Negril, Jamaica
2    Rama Kien Lifestyle Resort – Pattaya, Thailand

A small four-story hotel with only 21 guestrooms, Rama Lien is visited by mostly free-wheeling Europeans. It’s couples only and though the amenities are limited to a pool and a bar, lifestylers come here to explore the wilder side of their imaginations in a more intimate setting than that of larger resorts. Most nights, and days for that matter, it’s a literal orgy of sensual delight where language barriers are a non-obstacle.

Guests must be 21-years-old to stay here and the tiny resort claims no responsibility for what goes on between consenting adults. They also do not guarantee couples will live out their fantasies, but it’s very rare they don’t.

There is no restaurant at the resort so guests must go into to town to eat, but that’s okay. Pattaya and nearby Jomtien have some great restaurants and bars.
Rama Kien Lifestyle Resort   Pattaya, Thailand
3    Desire – Cancun, Mexico

The best way to describe Desire is to use their description: “Submerge yourself in the Desire experience, a world of erotic pleasure, where fulfilling your fantasies and waking your senses is your only objective.” It’s couples only and they are encouraged to participate in the sensual game of seduction which is the sole reason for being there.

Once again in their own words:  (they provide) “luxury and sensual amenities for the perfect blend of ecstasy and eroticism.” The staff at Desire goes above and beyond to provide their naked guests with every opportunity to do what they came to do, so if that doesn’t happen, they may be the problem.

There is a jacuzzi lounge with a swim-up bar considered to be a hot-spot, a special adult playroom where fantasies become reality and anything goes, steamy adult workshops, theme nights, and risque games and contests.

Four distinct dining options are available including a romantic dinner by the sea. All of the rooms are ocean view and all-inclusive packages are available.
Desire   Cancun, Mexico
4    Caliente Club & Resorts – Land O Lakes, Florida

If you’d rather stay domestic, Caliente receives 5-stars for their luxury, dining, nightly parties, and an anything-goes attitude. Billed as clothing optional, when in the sun around the pool areas and outdoor bars, keeping any part of a swimsuit on would appear wildly out of place.

Fine dining and a sports restaurant are available with out-of-this-world food, and finding a cold adult beverage is as simple as a finger-snap at one of the many always close at hand bars. There is a huge lighted waterfall which cascades into a huge swimming pool and there are always more than enough lounge chairs around all of the pools.

The rooms are quite nice and are kept clean, but the real action explodes at night when the dance club fills up with guests and locals. Clothes are worn in the club, though some of the outfits are no more than a thread or two.  As the nights heat up the dancefloor typically turns into a raging bonfire. Caliente may advertise as a clothing-optional resort but those in the “lifestyle” know it’s all a clever disguise for one of the hottest swingers resorts in Florida. Possibly in the entire south.
Caliente Club & Resorts   Land O Lakes, Florida
These are four of the most highly rated adults only destinations for the more free-spirited couples of the world. There are way more of them than you might think, probably some located not too far from you. They don’t broadcast their secret lifestyle. But if you would prefer having bamboo shoots shoved up your fingernails rather than go to one of these horrid places, please be gracious enough to live and let live.

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