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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone: Things to Try on Vacation

Sometimes you want to go where nobody knows your name. For at least a few days or a week you want to be an unknown face in a sea of unfamiliar people before returning to the everyday life you’re accustomed to. Maybe you want to try some things you’ve secretly always wanted to “give a shot” but are too embarrassed to try in Hometown, U.S.A. Nothing bad. Just outside your norm. Or at least what friends and acquaintances believe to be your norm. But if they only knew… which they won’t unless you tell them… it could be fun.

For anyone who isn’t aware, this is what vacations are for. Or at least what they could be used for. There’s a good chance you won’t run into any of the international travelers from the beach resort in St. Croix at your local Denny’s breakfast bar, so they’re a chance to be yourself for a while. Your inner self. The one who keeps begging to come out and play for awhile.

So what would you do? It may be just one or two things to tie in with a somewhat otherwise “normal” vacation, or it could be an all-out new and different experience. For starters, here are some mere suggestions. Feel free to get as creative as you’d like. After all. Who else is gonna know?
Step up to the Microphone – Be a Karaoke Star

Maybe it would be too embarrassing if your friends knew your inept inability at ever giving Taylor Swift or Adam Levine a run for their money. However, if given a chance you would happily assault the eardrums of unfortunate strangers who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. You might even relish in their torture knowing you’d never see their ghastly faces again, or more importantly, they would never see yours.

Then again, what if you turned out being better than you’ve ever given yourself credit for? Maybe you never had a thing to worry about. What if the entire room jumps to their feet with a thunderous round of applause and they all give up their turns at the microphone if you’ll only keep serenading them. It could happen. But first. You’ll want to go where nobody knows your name. You know. Just in case.
Step Up To The Microphone   Be A Karaoke Star
When in Colorado…

Colorado is an amazingly beautiful state full of rugged mountain peaks, streams, fields of wildflowers, and acres upon acres of freshly grown marijuana. It isn’t uncommon for outdoor enthusiasts and naturists to vacation amid the splendor, so if you go there, who’s to know about that little side tour to the pot farms? You don’t have to partake in what will be definitely be offered, but it’ll be hard not to. Especially when the tour bus fills up with a thick cloud of smoke and breathing is a proven scientific necessity for living.

Some pot farms host art programs where visitors can paint their own picture while under the influence. Hang it on your wall back home and suppress a chuckle every time a friend compliments your new found skill.

Colorado is no longer the only state where marijuana is legal for recreational purposes, so if you’re curious, go where nobody knows your name, and pardon the pun, just “roll” with it.
When In Colorado...
Shed Your Outer Layers

It doesn’t matter if a person’s body type is inspired by Dunkin’ Donuts or Gold’s Gym, travelers of all sizes, shapes, genders, and nationalities enjoy their all-over tans at hundreds of nude beaches around the world. If paying $50 a month to a tanning salon is getting expensive, save your money and head to a nude resort. If a resort might be a bit much just Google “nude beaches” and go to an area having one.

You may be the only one in your social circle uninhibited enough to pursue such a freedom of expression, and they’ll never know how far your tan line extends unless you show them. Which you won’t.

Knowing your friends would never get your naked image out their minds, and they may not approve of your au naturel inclinations, especially in this case, go where nobody knows your name.
Shed Your Outer Layers
The Friendly Skies

If being a daredevil has never been your thing and your friends know this to be true, do something daring. Jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Since your pals won’t be around to poke fun at you should you have a last-second change of heart, why not test yourself to see if you’ll do it? If you don’t jump, no big deal. No one will ever be the wiser. But if you do, make sure it’s captured on video or you at least receive a certificate of courage for going through with it. No one will ever doubt your prowess again. In case you get up there and the ground appears too far away for your liking, go where nobody knows your name to try it.
The Friendly Skies
Learn to Cut a Rug

Here is a great way to stupefy your friends. If you’re the one who always sits things out when the dance floor fills up, not because you want to, but due to the two left feet hanging from your legs, why not fix the problem? Since no surgeon is qualified to repair this abnormality, there’s but one method. Take some dance lessons.

It doesn’t matter the type of dance. If everyone you know is into modern dance, line dancing, waltzing, or the box-step, there is always somebody who will teach you. When you get home, and the first time you and your friends go to your favorite club, be the first one to jump up when the music starts and show them all how it’s supposed to be done. Since you went where nobody knew your name, imagine their shock and surprise.
Learn To Cut A Rug
If you’ve watched the mud-wrestling scene from the classic movie Animal House and have always imagined how much fun that would be, jet off to the annual Boryeong mud-wrestling festival in South Korea and dive right in. Just wash up before you fly home. If you’ve ever been curious about a drag show, every major city has more than one on any given night. Anything you’ve ever wanted to do, but don’t want to do at home for one reason or another, can always be done somewhere. Use your imagination. Release your inner Mr. Hyde and go have some fun where nobody knows your name.

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