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The 5 Things You Didn’t Know Australians Did in Summer

While the weather is heating up in the northern hemisphere and vacationers are heading to the beach, it’s winter time Down Under. But it’s not too early to start planning a summer visit. All cities in Australia will offer you glossy tourist friendly brochure upon arrival. However, you might want to see how a true Aussie really experiences summer. It is not spent cuddling koalas for a quick picture, running around the outback or wandering around the Sydney Opera House. Find out the things you never knew that Aussies got up to in summer!
Head to The Snowy Mountains

Some people won’t believe it but Australia does it an average snowfall of 3 metres. You need to head south of Sydney to the Snowy Mountain to experience it. It worth a visit in summer as well, there beautiful lakes and hikes to as well as horse riding. You can stroll to the highest point of Australia or head up into the mountains on horseback.

If you’re looking for a casual walk, why not climb to the highest point of Australia? First, you catch a ski lift up 1900m. For there it is just an easy 45 minutes stroll to the top, where you won’t even break a sweat. At the top, you can see for miles at the top and makes for some beautiful pictures.

In the valleys of the Snowy Mountains, are many places where wild horses or otherwise known “brumbies” are cared for. During the colonisation of Australia, the Brumbies were used to help settlers claim land. There are many opportunities to jump in the saddle and see these rare creatures.
Snowy Mountains
Have A Weekend Barbie on A Grassy Knoll with Some Locals
No matter time of the year or temperature locals always flock to Bondi Beach. The locals complain it full riffraff and overpriced coffees but it doesn’t stop them heading down.

There are only a few remaining spots too set up a true Aussie BBQ. If you head down the northern end of the beach there is a grassy knoll, where you can fire up a coin-operated gas barbecue.

You will find a huge congregation of locals here every Saturday and Sunday and well pretty most other sunsets to eat, drink and mingle. It’s a good chance to integrate yourself with a cheery local and get some insider knowledge. It might find that it will most likely turn into a pretty heavy drinking session. Taking this into account makes sure you always have your wits about when lighting up a gas smoker in the park. Follow some gas grill safety or you may be jumping on that plane home a little bit earlier.
Bondi Beach
Grab a Beer and Head for Barefoot Bowls

You may have heard that Australians love their sport. This one isn’t physically demanding it more of a get together for a laugh and a beer. Bowls clubs were originally just reserved for the senior citizens however in recent years barefoot bowls has become the summer activity of choice.

You will find that most bowls clubs will have designated times that you and some friends just drop by for some barefoot bowls. You just slip off your shoes, grab a drink (at prices from the 1970s) and try to not let the alcohol affect your game.
Barefoot Bowls
Watch the Aus Open with The Locals
January in Melbourne is all about the Australian Open. Everyone gets involved and you can’t do anything without hearing about it. Tickets for the main courts can get very pricey very quickly. Live like a local and grab a ground pass, this pass will allow you to visit all the outdoor courts.

We’ve been early on during the tournament and watched the likes of Andy Roddick, Lleyton Hewitt & Roger Federer playing. Your next move should be towards the lawns. You will find some beautiful gardens with a big screen set up. As the days progresses you will get the Aussies getting into the spirit. Before you know you will be cheering along with some new best mates.
Watch The Aus Open With The Locals
Go Cliffside for A Few Kms
The coastal track from Coogee to Bondi is a picturesque pleasure. Not only will it the 6km track help you burn off the excessive beers, lattes & seafood it is packed with so much to do. There are plenty of rock pools, hidden beaches, parks & picnic stops to stop. Most of the walk is cliffside pathways. Finish off our walk with a true Aussie lunch, fish and chips on the beach, just don’t forget the tomato sauce!
Go Cliffside For A Few Kms
Head to The Park for A Movie
In summer there nothing like heading to open-air movies. All the cities around Australia offer it however its variety of the locations is what makes it special. In Melbourne, you have the option of sitting back on the grass of the Royal Botanic Gardens or taking in the sunset whilst at the rooftop cinemas.

We recommend a BYO beanbag or picnic rug to get comfy. Drop by the local supermarket and pick up some movie snacks and a bottle of wine, otherwise, you can also grab something for the food trucks surrounding it
Head To The Park For A Movie
Australia is a playground for those you love the great outdoors, from the beaches to the rainforest to having a picnic cliffside along the Coogee trail. Ditch the tour bus and find out what us locals get up to. It is the best way to really get amongst an Aussie Summer
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