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5 Reasons Why Couples Vacations Are Great for Your Relationship

Using vacation time for its intended purpose has been proven to not only increase our well-being but also our lifespans by as much as 20%. Relaxing by the seashore or in a remote cabin, or even wading through the sea of mouse worshipers at Walt Disney World, causes us to forget about the routine stresses of our everyday lives, even if just for a brief period.

Some people don’t see it this way. Rather than spend their hard earned money on getting out of Dodge for a while, they choose to do other things with it. Maybe a new living room suit is in order, or perhaps a new state-of-the-art bbq grill. They figure as long as their money is invested in something they can use all year long, it’s much better spent. But this is not the case.

Leaving our routine environment, if only for a week or two a year, renews our mental strength far beyond what cooking a few burgers on a new grill can accomplish. Couples especially stand much more to gain from appropriately using their vacation time to escape the rigors of their often routine lives.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why spending money on a vacation rather than buying new things is always better.

Life is little more than a series of experiences. Experts claim that the joy of buying something new, such as a car or furniture, fades over time as people get accustomed to seeing the objects every day. On the other hand, the experiences of spending some time at a Caribbean resort or trekking through Europe will last a lifetime. Couples never say to one another, “Remember that time we haggled with a salesperson over buying a new car”? They are more apt to say, “Remember the delicious food in that quaint little cafe in Paris”? Cars can blow a gasket while the memories of an exciting vacation will provide pleasant memories long after the event occurred.
Seeing the World

It’s incredibly easy to get stuck in a rut. Some ruts can become so deep that people never leave their hometown. It’s been proven that those with a more worldly view tend to be happier because they see things from a different and better perspective than those whose perspective is limited to what they read in a National Geographic magazine or watch on the Discovery Channel. The only viable way for anyone to increase their knowledge of the world and the differing customs therein is to get off of their duff and go see it firsthand.

It’s also a well-known fact that traveling helps people become more rounded through a better understanding of the world they live in. The history of the world is fascinating, and since it won’t come to us, the only way to truly learn about it is by going to it.
Seeing The World
It’s Actually Cheaper

Imagine a couple who decides to spend their vacation money on new iPhones or iPads instead of going anywhere. The immense amount of money they spent on devices could have purchased two round-trip tickets to Ireland. Instead of scrolling through Facebook on their new phones and looking at photos of where other people went, they could be posting their own photos for others to look at. The memories these other people created on their vacations will last long after the new phones have popped a diode.

Vacations are not as expensive as people might imagine if they stop to consider how and where they are spending their money and what the return on their investment has actually provided for them. Objects can never replace what they would have gained through travel.
It's Actually Cheaper
Bonding Time

Couples with children can view bonding from two different perspectives. If work and other responsibilities keep them from spending enough desired time with their kids they can book a family vacation centering around what their children would like to do. If the opposite holds true where they already spend the bulk of their time catering to their kids, they can drop them off at Grandma’s house and head off for a few days of getting reacquainted with one another. A romantic interlude or even just a few days of strictly ‘grown-up’ conversation can work wonders for their relationship. It may even serve as a reminder of why they fell in love in the first place, and this certainly cannot be a bad thing.
Bonding Time
Trying New Things

People are more apt to do things on vacation they wouldn’t do at home. They get more exercise by hiking through the woods or perhaps climbing the rock wall located just across the street from their hotel. They may even use every muscle in their bodies dancing the night away which is something they never do when they’re back home in Boise.

Couples benefit by adding new things to the roster of what they have done or seen for the first time together. Each new thing adds additional cement to their relationship as they experience exciting things as one. The pride they feel in their accomplishments as a team translates into the individual pride they feel for one other, thereby strengthening their already unbreakable bond.
Trying New Things
Hotel Beds

No matter how much a hotel advertises their comfy mattresses, there is no place like home. Spending a week or two in the confines of a square hotel room, no matter how much fun is being had outside of the room, makes people appreciate their own home, and mattress, more so than anything else could possibly do. As important as getting away for a while is, sometimes it takes doing so to make us realize just how much we love our home, and in-turn, our life and all it entails.
Hotel Beds
The next time vacation is rolling around, forget about new things which will only clutter up your home more so than it may already be. Look your partner square in the eyes and say, “This year, we’re going somewhere”. You’ll be much better off.

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