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Is Traveling Solo Safe? Well… That Depends…

You’re in complete control. If you choose to zig when your half-planned itinerary called for zagging, there is no one else to answer to but yourself. If you decide to stay a few extra days somewhere, so be it. Eat where you wish and do what you want. Sound good?

Sure there are advantages to traveling solo, but there are pitfalls as well. It’s a matter of determining which outweighs which and you’re “Judge Judy” when it comes to deciding.

It’s usually and, unfortunately, safer for males to wander around alone though in today’s topsy-turvy world this is not always the case. A person’s destination and awaiting accommodations are also a factor. Are they considering a resort, a B&B in a quaint seaport town, a mountain cabin, Paris, San Francisco, Kenya, or will they be wandering aimlessly?

With so much to consider, safety must remain every solo traveler’s top priority. If going it alone is on the table for you, here are some places where you can have a great time with little to worry about.
Kick Back on an Island

The Caribbean Islands host a multitude of ideal warm weather locations which are as safe as they are spotlessly clean. Solo travelers have their choice of resorts catering to a single’s active lifestyle and quest for eternal romance, or they can rent a private bungalow or condo if solitude is more what they are seeking.
Kick Back On An Island
For a resort stay, Club Med in Turks and Caicos is always a good bet. The club is adult only so it attracts many single travelers for obvious reasons. It’s more of a quiet location designed for romantic interludes so don’t expect a thumping nightlife until the wee hours, but do expect what has been rated by some as the best beach in the world. And do expect to make some friends.

For anyone wanting to do a bit of dancing and drinking before retreating back to their private room at the Ritz Carlton, Hilton, rented beach shack, condo, or private home, Grand Cayman should be considered. Because of the never-ending coming and going of cruise ships, dance bars such as the O Bar can be found at Seven Mile Beach, along with laid-back beach bars such as Calico Jacks. None of the bars stay open as late as those in the U.S. but it’s a safe and beautiful location for those traveling solo.

For a more inexpensive safe solo escape, Dominican Republic has the largest concentration of all-inclusive resorts found anywhere. Nightlife, unlimited drinking, dining, water activities, and the perfect chance to meet other singles make it a great choice if partying is on someone’s agenda.  Punta Gorda is where the action is and this is also where the annual Jewish singles week is hosted.

As a word of caution, while Jamaica is known for its party scene, it’s recommended to stay at a resort and not leave it unless in the company of a group, and by all means, avoid Kingston. Solo travelers may wish to steer clear.

This barely touches what’s available in the Caribbean, but if sun, sand, water, privacy, nightlife, mingling or not, and most of all safety, is on anyone’s list of wants, with a bit of research they are sure to find exactly what they are seeking.
Dominican Republic
A Cabin in the Hills

Just because someone chooses to rent a mountain cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, does not mean they must be a hermit for a week unless it’s by choice. There is little more invigorating than viewing majestic mountain scenery for the privacy of a hot tub on a cabins porch. For solo travelers wishing solitude it doesn’t get much safer. For those wanting more than watching deer stroll by, within a matter of minutes they can be shopping, dining, hiking, taking helicopter rides, visiting nearby craft villages, fishing in a stream, or riding a coaster at Dollywood.

Gatlinburg offers a nightlife with smaller clubs like Shamrock’s or Club 812 where locals, including lots and lots of singles who work in the local tourist scene, go to unwind and meet new friends.

All of this also applies to cabin rentals in Pikes Peak, Colorado to the mountains in northern Georgia and California. Some are away from all things human while others offer peace and solitude just minutes away from the action.
Gatlinburg, Tennessee In The Smoky Mountains.
Head North

One of the safest and friendliest destinations for any solo traveler is Iceland. Reykjavik is well known for its nightlife and music scene and crime is pretty much unheard of. Icelanders are incredibly friendly so anyone going it alone will have way more friends when they leave the country than before they arrived.

Iceland’s beauty is spellbinding and there are multitudes of outdoor activities including snorkeling, relaxing in a natural volcanic spa, exploring the wilderness, combing the beaches, backpacking, and hiking.

Solo travelers need to be cautious of their European destinations, though there are some places which are highly rated for their safety. The Scandinavian countries top the list for safe European travel. These countries are also ranked as the friendliest in the world where the citizens are the happiest. Outside of traffic violations, crimes in these countries are fairly rare. These are by far the safest European countries for female travelers on their own. Women travelers are safer in Scandinavia than they would be in Chicago, NYC, or Los Angeles, by a long shot.

Ireland is ranked as a safe and friendly destination where a solo traveler can head to the country for peace, quiet, and sheep, or they can enjoy the sights and sounds of Dublin. If visiting Dublin solo one should exercise the same caution as in any major city by avoiding alleyways and keeping their wits about them, but by sticking to the main well-lit centers of town there’s little to worry about.
No matter where a solo travelers wanderings may lead them, common sense is their most valuable tool and it’s no different than the same caution they would exercise at home. If you’re going to be traveling alone, fully research the area you’ll be traveling to prior to your departure to make certain it’s someplace you really want to go.

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