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11 Best Disney World Souvenirs

You’ll never forget your family vacation to Disney World, but these cool souvenirs can ensure that you and your family remembers every second of your trip. While you can go the easy route and pick up a random Disney t-shirt, there are more interesting options. No more boring knickknacks. Choose some souvenirs that reflect all the fun and Disney magic you’ve enjoyed.

Here are the top 11 coolest Disney World souvenirs:
1    Ghost Portrait

A ghostly photo portrait is a must have for fans of the perennial favorite, Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Not your usual theme park caricatures, these ghoulish renderings are a unique keepsake from your Disney vacation. The shop is chock-full of other Haunted Mansion theme goodies – from placemats to iPhone cases to candy. Bonus – keep your eyes open for special ghostly effects hidden around the shop. Photo portraits are available for $19.95 at the Memento Mori gift shop in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom.
Best Disney Souvenirs Haunted Mansion
2    Disney Cookbooks

Recreate the yummy desserts, delicious drinks, and even ethnic specialties from Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival for a tasty reminder of your Disney adventure for years to come. Perfect gift for your favorite chef! You’ll find the biggest selection at Mickey’s Pantry in Disney Springs.
Best Disney World Souvenirs   Cookbook
3    Mickey Ears

An oldie but a goodie, this might not be the coolest souvenir of the bunch, but they are the most iconic and have been adorning heads for decades. In fact, many people purchase these ears upon their arrival and wear them from the moment they get them until they leave. After that, the ears can sit on top of a dresser or desk, or anywhere else that you want to keep them. Some people even let their favorite teddy bear or doll wear them! Of course, if you have a little girl who is a mini-fashionista, you can always purchase one of the many styles of Minnie ears! Looking for a fun mash-up? Try on a pair of Mad Hatter Ears.
Best Disney World Souvenirs   Mickey Mouse Ears
4    Pressed Pennies

If you are the type of person who doesn’t want souvenirs that take up a lot of room, you will love the pressed pennies that are available at Disney. Also called “elongated coins,” visitors can find almost 600 different designs featured on these inexpensive mementos. Each of the Disney parks boasts multiple penny press machines. Series include resort-specific designs plus classic Disney characters like Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and, of course, Mickey Mouse. The most diligent collectors will want to explore farther afield, hitting up the Winter Summerland Miniature Golf course, Blizzard Beach, and even ESPN Sports to score specially themed designs. Most pressed pennies will cost fifty cents, plus the penny. Nowadays, you even have the option of getting a pressed quarter, although those are a little more costly. Add a pressed penny wallet or display board to start a fun, easy collection.
Best Disney World Souvenirs   Penny Press
5    Autograph Books

Kids will love having their own autograph book, signed by their favorite characters. There are a lot of Disney characters to meet at the theme parks and they are always willing to sign autographs. While you can use a blank pad of paper to achieve the same results, they will seem more authentic in a real Disney autograph book. Be sure to bring your own Sharpie marker. Pro tip: Character wait times are much shorter in Epcot and, if you have a Disney Visa card, there’s even a special meet and greet there.
Best Disney World Souvenirs   Autograph Book
7    Parasols

No one uses a parasol anymore, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot have one as a decoration in any room in your home. They also make the perfect addition for dress-up for little girls. Parasols are normally found at the outdoor merchandise carts, which means that you won’t find them everywhere that you look. They make fabulous souvenirs, because they can be personalized according to your wishes. That means that you can have any character, name, hearts, flowers, or other decorative accents hand-painted onto yours.
Best Disney World Souvenirs   Chinese Parasols
7    Disney Celebration Buttons

If you happen to go to Disney on a special occasion, you will be able to pick up one of their Celebration Buttons at Guest Services. They have one for birthdays, honeymooners, first-time visitors, and even ones that can be personalized with the event that you are celebrating. The best part, besides the fact that the buttons are free, is that cast members will wish you a happy birthday or congratulate you all day long!
Best Disney World Souvenirs   Celebration Pins
8    Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head might not be a Disney character, but you can turn him into one with all the cool Disney Park accessories that are available. Imagine owning a Mr. Potato Head that has Mickey Mouse hands or ears, Woody’s cowboy hat, or part of Buzz Lightyear’s spacesuit. You can build a Mr. Potato Head free of charge at Once Upon a Toy in Disney Springs, but you won’t be able to resist paying for a box filled with parts to take home.
Best Disney World Souvenirs   Mr. Potato Head
9    Epcot Passport Kit

Vacations are always about keeping the children engaged and well fed, and the Epcot Passport Kit will take care of the keeping them busy part. Each kit comes with a Mickey Mouse button, a blank passport, and stamps for the eleven World Showcase countries. You and your children can place the stamps where they belong and take notes about everything that you do at each one. The best part is that you can get a departure validation each time to leave a country. It is just like traveling around the world!

Of course, there is plenty of food in this part of Epcot, so you can keep everyone from starving too! Definitely a win-win!
Best Disney World Souvenirs   Epcot Passport
10    Disney World Christmas Ornaments

There are some pretty cool Disney World Christmas ornaments available to purchase and you can purchase them at any time of the year at Ye Old Christmas Shoppe in Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Days of Christmas Shop at Disney Springs. Of course, during the months of November and December, you’ll be able to find these magical ornaments everywhere throughout the parks.
Best Disney World Souvenirs   Christmas Ornaments
11    Memory Maker

This one isn’t cheap, but it’s well worth the money to be sure you won’t miss getting a shot of the little ones meeting their favorite characters or the family conquering Expedition Everest. There are going to be plenty of mesmerizing moments during your time at Disney’s theme parks, but there is no way that you will be able to capture them all on your own. The Memory Maker will allow you to access all the photos that PhotoPass photographers take during your trip. This includes pictures of you on the rides, in front of special locations, with Disney characters, and you may even find a few videos as well. Best of all, no one has to sit out of the fun to take photos. There will be so much footage, you may have a difficult time deciding what to put in photo albums and what to leave out!
Best Disney World Souvenirs   Memory Maker
Walt Disney World offers an amazing variety of keepsakes to help you commemorate your family’s vacation. These are our picks for the coolest Disney World souvenirs, but you might still have a hard time choosing. Have your own favorites? Share in the comments!

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