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9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Disney World in 2019

If you’ve been to Walt Disney World in the past you may be thinking there’s no reason to go again. Why should you? The Pirates of the Caribbean was fun and the kids oohed and awed on the boat ride through It’s a Small World, but you’ve already seen all there is to see. But even if you were able to see it all, this is only true for the time you were there. Disney World is always evolving and 2019 is shaping up to be the best year ever. So even if you’ve been as recently as last year, you are not going to want to miss out on what’s new and shiny.

Here are some of the reasons why 2019 will be so great, and a few of the reasons why you need to start planning ahead for next year.

1    Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Children will go bonkers over this new attraction that’s replacing The Great Movie Ride. It’s a very cool, toss your arms in the air roller coaster ride for little tykes which simulates a high-speed runaway train. The ride’s theme is based on Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts and will feature a new theme song as well as a new story tied in with the old.

Disney’s leading technology will be on full display in Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway as some of the old two-dimensional cartoon strips are being converted to multi-dimensional for the ultimate modern experience. You’ll see these old cartoons in ways never before seen.
What's New Disney World 2019

2    Toy Story Land

If you go back to Disney World for any reason whatsoever, Toy Story Land should be a top priority. This newly opened 11 acres of fun lets guests feel as though they have been miniaturized to the sizes of Andy’s toys. Two new rides are slated for 2019. Slinky Dog Dash is a family-oriented roller coaster for all ages, and Alien Swirling Saucers will have everyone’s head spinning before the ride comes to an end.

Toy Story Mania, one of the most favored attractions in Toy Story Land, will be adding a third track to accommodate more guests and shorten the waiting lines before they get too out-of-control. Toy Story Mania is insanely popular. Guests can choose the Early Morning Option to avoid the crowds and enjoy a scrumptious breakfast at the park.

Favorite characters, including Woody, Buzz and Jessie make appearances for their fans. The Green Army is on hand to entertain with a drum corps performance and to lead guests in games. Woody’s Lunchbox, a new quick-service restaurant, will feature old-time soda floats and yummy eats.
Why Visit Disney World 2019   Toy Story Land
3    Star Wars: Galaxy Edge

This Disney Star Wars expansion is scheduled to have its ribbon cut in the Fall of 2019. Visitors will explore the Planet Batuu, complete with intergalactic traders, amazing creatures and droids. Two new attractions will be featured, the first of which will allow anxious guests to take over the controls of the Millennium Falcon while on a secret mission. The second attraction will place guests dead in the center of an all-out battle between the First Order and the Resistance.

Also in the works is an immersive Star Wars-themed resort where guests can truly enter the Star Wars universe. They will travel via starship to the park and are encouraged to dress in Star Wars attire. An opening date hasn’t been released yet, but the hotel is currently under construction south of Disney Hollywood Studios.

This new expansion is forecast to be the highlight of the decade and it is most definitely not to be missed. Star Wars fans, of which there are many, will be rushing full speed ahead to this one.
Why Visit Disney World 2019   Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
4    Tron Lightcycle Power Run

This is so popular at Disney’s Shanghai resort, Orlando is going to have one. It’s a rollercoaster type ride where guests sit on two-wheeled Lightcycles as they are rapidly propelled into energy fields full of lights. This new futuristic ride is most certainly wow guests just as it has done in China.
Why Visit Disney World 2019  Tron Lightcycle
5    The Skyliner

Forget about hopping on a resort bus, a friendship boat, or the monorail. There’s a new mode of transportation in town. The engineers at Disney are busy working on a new cable car/gondola type system to be called The Skyliner. The Skyliner will accommodate guests staying at Pop Century, Art of Animation, and Caribbean Beach Resort. Stops will be made at Epcot’s World Showcase and Hollywood Studio’s.

The Skyliner will offer the best birds-eye view of Disney ever, and the cars are fashioned after Disney characters. It’s said that this new transportation is going to revolutionize the way guests get around Walt Disney World. Here’s an artist’s conceptual rendering, courtesy of Disney.
Why Visit Disney World 2019   Skyliner
6    Lightning McQueen

For anyone having a need for speed, just hold on until Spring 2019 when this attraction opens up in Hollywood Studios. The attraction will feature the speed of racing legend, Lightning McQueen who will be voiced-over by actor Owen Wilson. The attraction’s state-of-the-art racing simulator and wraparound screen gives you a driver’s seat view of Lightning McQueen’s skills
Why Visit Disney World 2019   Lightning McQueen
7    The Lion King

The Lion King’s 25th birthday will be celebrated in a very special way between January 18th and December 30th, 2019. Almost all year. Hakuna Matada dance parties will be held in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Kids of all ages will be able to boogie down with Simba, Timon, and Rafiki. Top it off with special 3D photo opportunities – perfect for Instagram!
Why Visit Disney World 2019   Lion King
8    Disney’s Riviera Resort

For guests who stay on Disney property, a brand new resort hotel is making its debut in 2019. This will be number 15 and it’s to be called Disney’s Riviera Resort. The hotel will have a French feel and the rooftop restaurant is sure to be a popular dining spot with its amazing views. Want the best view of the fireworks? Here is where you will find it. Guests at Disney World Resorts can make dinner reservations up to 180 days prior to their hotel reservations, so get in early on this.
Why Visit Disney World 2019   Riviera Resort Fireworks
9    Updated Resorts

Many of the resort hotels are receiving facelifts. Pop Century has been renovated with hardwood floors and minimalist furnishings, and the rooms are already receiving rave reviews. All Star Movies is currently underway and everything about the rooms will be brand spanking new. Coronado Springs is evolving into a highrise tower which will feature rooftop dining and amazing views of the fireworks displays.

Every single resort property is being spit-shined and polished assuring guests of a wonderful stay and an exciting experience.
Why Visit Disney World 2019   Resorts

Do you still think 2019 will be the same-o, same-o, at Walt Disney World? Disney constantly strives to bring its visitors new and exciting rides and attractions and they always succeed at doing so. Every single visit to the Magic Kingdom is always exciting, action-packed, and more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Better reserve ahead for next year.

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