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7 Best Walt Disney World Apps for 2019

Apps for our mobile phones and tablets are almost unlimited. Want to monitor your pace as you jog? Download the app. Directions to practically anywhere on earth? Plan your perfect family vacation to Walt Disney World? It’s all just a download away.

Since Walt Disney World really is a world unto itself, it only makes sense that they’ve developed a wide array of their own apps designed with their many visitors in mind. And, of course, there are third-party developers who create for the Disney market. These are the best Disney World apps to download before your vacation to make planning and enjoying your visit a breeze.
1    WDW Radio

The WDW Radio Show offers up expert advice on all things Disney from Lou Mongello. This podcast will give you inside info on new attractions, Walt Disney World history, trivia and news, and great tips for planning your Orlando vacation. Catch it streaming online or download the app from the App Store (iOS only).

Best Disney World Apps   WDW Radio

2    Play Disney Parks 

Since this app is a newcomer for 2018, it only makes sense to spend a bit more time explaining how tremendous it is. Absolutely every parent of a small child needs this. It’s a huge stress reliever.

While it’s true that every single attraction at Walt Disney World is exciting and well worth standing in line for, children don’t always agree with their parent’s philosophy. They can get restless very quickly and what’s a parent to do? The answer. Download Play Disney Parks and hand your phone to your child if they are old enough. Problem solved.

The app is chock full of games and music designed to temper even the worst of tantrums. It may not be able to shorten the hour-long line for the Pirates of the Caribbean but without having to pacify an anxious young-un it’ll make the wait seem more like 10-minutes.

There are ride-specific games such as Space Mountain and Peter Pan’s Flight, along with trivia games to tax a person’s knowledge of everything Disney. Since older children get restless, too, this feature is spot-on for keeping them entertained. The engineers at Disney have as yet to include anything which will erase the song “It’s a Small World” from your memory bank, but hey, they did great on this app.

Play Disney Parks is free to download so you may as well snag it. Some of the games and activities can be played anywhere in the world but a certain few can only be accessed from inside of a Disney park.

Do yourself a favor and download this app prior to your Orlando arrival. You may want to go ahead and download it anyway. Even what’s accessible from outside of a Disney property is fun,  and wouldn’t it be great to increase your knowledge before you plan your next, or your first, trip.
Best Disney World Apps   Play Disney Parks
3    My Disney Experience

Since its release, this has remained one of the most popular Disney apps on the roster. It provides a huge benefit to visitors by offering GPS to easily guide them to where they wish to be. Gone are the days of wandering aimlessly. One of the top features for parents? It can pinpoint the locations of Disney characters so guests will know where to find Mickey or Elsa and when they’ll be at a particular location. Disney approved stalking.

But perhaps the most used feature is the part that lets guests know how long a line is and how long the estimated wait time will be at each ride.

Itineraries can be compiled and shared with friends and family so everyone stays in the loop like a well-oiled machine. Want to make a dinner reservation? Use the app. Want to purchase tickets in advance? Once again. Use the app.

All new in 2018 is the inclusion of bus schedules. The app lets guests know exactly when the next bus will arrive so they need not worry about waiting outside in the sweltering Florida heat for any longer than need be. It’ll also give the estimated arrival time at each destination. The new feature updates regularly to stay current so for the most part, it’s right on the money every time.

Another great feature for HUNGRY park-goers is the ability to order and pay ahead for select quick-serve restaurants. You can even use the Disney dining plan via the app.

The app itself has a brand new look and the good folks at Disney have made it easier than ever to use all of its features. Nobody, even if they’ve been to Disney in the past, should make the visit without first hitting the download button on their phone. It’ll make their stay SO much easier and convenient.
Best Disney World Apps   My Disney Experience

4    Magic Guide for Disney World

The only reason this app has not been reconfigured for 2018 is that it didn’t need to be. It remains as important now as it always has and no phone should be without it.

This app also features a GPS that correlates with each visitors location, letting them know how far away they are from restaurants, rides, and activities. Most importantly though, it lets them know where the closest restrooms are. Especially nice it that it stores particular park information such as a thorough description of each ride which allows guests to decide if it’s something they wish to do, or not. It’s wonderful for mapping out a day in advance.

It shows a complete park layout, provides dining options, and just as with My Disney Experience, it gives the estimated wait time for each ride.
Best Disney World Apps   Magic Guide
5    Disney World Dining

Disney offers the best cuisine found anywhere. Literally. Anywhere. But with over 150 separate dining options how is someone to decide? You can only eat so much and so often. Disney World Dining is the hands-down answer.

With this app, guests can view all of their options throughout all of the Disney parks, look at the menus, and even make reservations. No having to hike the whole resort before making a meal decision. In the mood the Greek? Use the app.
Best Disney World Apps   Disney Dining

6    Find My Family, Friends, Phone

This is a must, especially when traveling with a group. If someone wanders aimlessly off and ends up hopelessly lost, the app will pinpoint their location. The top rated tracker for iPhone is Life360 Family locator. Locate friends and family in real-time or set up an automatic check-in when they arrive at a pre-determined location. Glympse offers similar features for Android users. So, yes, you can stalk your family, too.
Best Disney World Apps   Find Family Friends
7    Shop Disney Parks
This can be a lifesaver. No frantically searching for the exact set of Minnie ears your little one wants (who knew there were so many styles anyway?) or struggling with bags of souvenirs. This handy app shows you where you can find specific merchandise in the parks, saving time and energy. Even better, create a shopping list by scanning the bar code of items as you peruse the stores and order the goodies to be delivered to your home or hotel. Kids suddenly decide they wanted that stuffed Olaf – AFTER you’re home? Order it up. You can even outfit the crew in Disney style before your vacation.
Best Disney World Apps   Shop Disney Parks

There are other Disney apps you may wish to consider, too. They have all been designed to make your stay that much more enjoyable and stress-free. What the heck. Go ahead and download some of them now and start planning ahead. You know you’re going to go…

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