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How to Avoid the Lines at Walt Disney World

Anyone who has waited in line for what feels like an eternity has felt like this. And anyone who walks into any of the Walt Disney World parks knows that there are people everywhere! And those people are all doing the same thing, which is heading to their favorite ride, their first ride of the day, or their first show of the day. Of course, once they arrive at their destination, they will find themselves standing in line, waiting for their turn. Some of those lines are quite manageable, but there are a few lines that continue for what seems like miles.

It is those lines that many people try their hardest to avoid, as they could spend a good portion of their day in that one line! Thankfully, there are a few things that every visitor can do to keep their wait times down and even possibly avoid most of the lines that they could encounter.
Here are 8 tips to avoid the lines at Walt Disney World:

1    Utilize the Extra Magic Hours

These magical hours are not available all the time or at all the parks when they are available, but guests of one of the on-site hotels should take advantage of them whenever they can! When the Extra Magic Hours are available, those guests can enter the park an hour early and stay inside the park for two hours after its original closing. Of course, anyone who isn’t staying at one of the on-site hotels may want to choose one of the parks that isn’t participating in the Extra Magic Hours, as they won’t be walking into a park already filled with people!
How To Avoid The Lines At Disney World   After Hours
2    Take Advantage of the Parades

Everyone seems to line the streets of the parks when it is time for one of the parades to start, which is why that is the perfect time to tackle some of the rides. The lines will be much shorter, even for the major attractions! This tip also works during the fireworks and for those rides that are near some of the more popular shows that are starting soon.
How To Avoid The Lines At Disney World   Parades
3    Visit During the Off Season

Not everyone has control of when they can get time off from work, but anyone that can, should try to plan their visit for the off season. The crowds are smaller, which means that the lines will be much shorter. The best times are normally in September, after schools have started, and in January, after the busy holidays.
How To Avoid The Lines At Disney World   Off Season
4    Utilize FastPass+

One of the easiest ways to avoid the lines at any Walt Disney World park is to purchase and use FastPass+. A person’s first three FastPass+ rides can be scheduled on their phones, but after they have gone on all those, they can schedule more at one of the kiosks. Everyone should keep in mind that each on of their FastPass+ is good for an hour, so they can all go on a ride with a shorter line before arriving at the ride their pass is good for.
Avoid Lines At Walt Disney World   Fastpass
5    Start in the Back and Go to the Left

Almost every park visitor starts on the rides that are closest to the entrance of the park, which is why an excellent tip is to walk to the very back of the park to start the day. Another helpful tip is to go the opposite way than everyone else. Most people will turn to the right when they walk into the park, which is why avoiding lines might be as easy as turning to the left.
6    Utilize Single Rider Options or the Rider Switch

Anyone who doesn’t mind riding without their group can enter the single rider line. This line moves much faster, as people from that line fill the odd seats that are left from group riders. The rider switch feature is an excellent option for those who are traveling with small children or children who do not like the more daring rides. One adult can ride, while the other stays with the children. As soon as the first rider gets off, they can hand a special ticket to the other adult to either use then, or later in the day, to jump to the front of the line.
Avoid Lines At Walt Disney World  Rider Switch
7    Use the Official My Disney Experience App

The official My Disney Experience app allows visitors to see the current wait time for any ride in the parks. They can use that information to either wait to venture over to that ride, decide to use their FastPass+ on that ride, or to simply wait until the time to stand in line decreases.
How To Avoid The Lines At Disney World   Disney Apps
8    Plan Ahead

While no day at Disney is exactly the same as any other, there are many ways that visitors can plan ahead. First, everyone can make a list of the shows they want to see and the rides that they want to go on at each park. A little research will show them which rides and shows have the longest lines, which will allow them to determine what they will want to use their FastPass+ for. Learning as much information as possible ahead of time can be a real time saver, especially if they are able to avoid lines when they are there!
Avoid LInes At Walt Disney World   Plan Ahead
No one wants to spend their entire vacation at Walt Disney World waiting in line, which is why every visitor will want to use as many of the above tips as they can during their time in each park. Obviously, people cannot avoid every single line, but at least they won’t need to wait forever in any of them!

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