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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Universal CityWalk Orlando

There are plenty of places to hang out when you are visiting Orlando, but none of them are as amazing as Universal’s CityWalk! This area is massive at thirty acres which, although surprisingly much smaller than the first Universal CityWalk out in Hollywood, is chock full of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Here are the top 10 reasons to visit Universal CityWalk Orlando:
1.    Free Parking After 6pm

So many entertainment venues, as well as shopping and dining venues, charge for parking, which is why CityWalk is a popular choice for so many people like yourself. You can simply pull into the parking area, find a spot, and park your car for the duration of your visit. Imagine not needing to look at your phone to see what time it is or rushing back to your car to make sure that you pull out before you get charged more. Instead, you can simply enjoy your time as you walk around and leave when you are ready. You will want to be aware of the fact that you will need to pay for parking if you arrive prior to 6pm or on nights when there are special events taking place.
Top Reasons To Visit Universal Citywalk Orlando Free Parking
2.    Free Admission

What is better than free parking?? Free admission, of course! If you think that you can’t go anywhere without spending a small fortune in Orlando, you are quite wrong! CityWalk Orlando is free to everyone, so you don’t even need to purchase tickets for either of the Universal theme parks to wander around and have some fun.
Top Reasons To Visit Universal Citywalk Orlando Free Admission

3.    Amazing Dining Options

If you have no clue what you want to eat, a trip to Universal’s CityWalk is a must, because they have so many options available. Your choices include burgers, sushi, pizza, Italian, seafood, Mexican, and even the sweetest of sweets. Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, Hard Rock Café Orlando, or Pat O’Brien’s are a great place to start, but make sure you take the time to enjoy some dessert at The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium. They serve decadent desserts and even tastier milkshakes. Need a little liquid refreshment? There are tons of great bars to choose from at Universal Studios.
Top Reasons To Visit Universal Citywalk Orlando Restaurants
4.    Wonderful Shopping Opportunities

There may not be a ton of shops to be found on Universal CityWalk Orlando, but the ones that are there will entice you to browse and pick up a few items! Fossil sells traditional leather goods, while it is all about the quirkiness of an item inside P!Q. If you are yearning for any Universal Studios souvenirs, without the need to enter one of the parks, you are in luck with the Universal Studios Store. They have everything that you want and more, so you can shop till your heart’s content and your suitcase is full!
Top Reasons To Visit Universal Citywalk Orlando Shopping
5.    Participate in Karaoke

Anyone who loves singing karaoke will want to venture into CityWalk’s Rising Star. This is where you can sing with a real live band and backup singers, so you will automatically feel like a superstar! Of course, if you are a little leery of performing yourself, you can always sit back, relax, and watch those who are up on stage until the nightly rock concert begins.
Top Reasons To Visit Universal Citywalk Orlando Karaoke
6.    See the Blue Man Group

If you have never seen the Blue Man Group before, you are in for a treat at CityWalk! More than thirty-five million people have watched them perform here already, so you know that the colorful and sound filled show is worth every minute of your time. Take your dancing shoes with you and be prepared to laugh and have the time of your life, as you dance the night away with the rest of the audience.
Top Reasons To Visit Universal Citywalk Orlando Blue Man Group
7.    Take a Free Water Taxi

Universal CityWalk Orlando can get a little crowded or overwhelming on occasion, which is why you are going to want to take a break and take a free ride on one of the water taxis. These water taxis will take you to the three Universal Studios on-site hotels, as well as to Portofino Bay. We urge you to get to Portofino Bay in time to watch the Musica Della Notte opera series, which begins at sunset. These water taxis operate until two thirty in the morning, so you never need to be in a rush to climb on board to escape or return to CityWalk.
Top Reasons To Visit Universal Citywalk Orlando Water Taxi
8.    Music Can Be Heard Everywhere

There are a few cities around the country where you can hear music pouring out onto the streets at any time of the day and night and CityWalk is no exception. You’ll hear some tunes escaping through the open doors at the Hard Rock Café, Bob Marley – A Tribute to Freedom, and even the Red Coconut Club. We urge you to walk around until you hear your favorite tunes, or you can simply walk inside each place for a little while and switch things up all night long until closing time.
Top Reasons To Visit Universal Citywalk Orlando Hard Rock Live
9.    Eat Dinner and Watch a Movie

CityWalk happens to be where the AMC Universal Cineplex 20 with IMAX can be found, and this theater is the perfect place to grab dinner while watching a movie! While the theater does sell the traditional theater fare of popcorn and candy, they also specialize in pizza, French fries, chicken tenders, beer and wine. So, grab your favorite foods, enter the theater that is playing the movie of your choice, and sit back as you have the best theater experience of your life.
Top Reasons To Visit Universal Citywalk Orlando Movie Theater
10.    Play a Round or Two of Mini Golf at Hollywood Drive-In Golf

There are two different eighteen-hole courses at this mini golf attraction at Universal CityWalk Orlando and they are The Haunting of Ghostly Greens and the Invaders from Planet Putt. The special effects will have you missing hole in ones, since you won’t be completely focused on your form. However, you will love the thirty-foot robot, flying saucers, and the haunted house that you may encounter during your round.
Top Reasons To Visit Universal Citywalk Orlando Mini Golf
These are ten of the reasons why you need to visit Universal CityWalk Orlando, but we are sure that you are going to find many others! So, plan your visit soon and see why millions of other people have thoroughly enjoyed their time in this little piece of paradise.

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