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Best Disney Attractions for Kids by Age

One of the many major reasons Walt Disney World is one of the most popular destinations in the universe lies in their ability to cater to every single age group. Everyone – toddlers, tweens, teens, young adults and the young at heart, can’t help but have a wonderful time at the largest and most ageless theme parks on earth.

This is all thanks to Disney’s masterminds working quietly behind the scenes, and it is precisely why Disney’s well thought out parks reel in over 20-million annual visitors. Each day sees roughly 56,000 guests, greater than the populations of many U.S. cities.

Many of Disney’s rides, attractions, and special events are loads of fun for all ages. Then there are those which are more designed for specific age groups. Since adults are much easier to please as opposed to the ever-changing tastes of children as they grow, let’s have a look at what will top the kids’ lists. Here’s a breakdown of the best attractions and rides for kids by age group.


The Magic Kingdom is hands-down where toddlers will become the most mesmerized. Their eyes will pop open wide each time they spot a familiar character, which of course is the real McCoy, and the evening parade will send them straight into Disney overload. If they happen to be a Buzz Lightyear Junior Ranger, it’s all over. They will have a meltdown. This is not to even mention the massive fireworks they’ll see bursting in air over the castle. The advantage for adults, you ask? Your toddler will be so worn out at the end of the day they’ll sleep like a… err… toddler when you get back to where you are staying, or on the drive home.

Peter Pan’s Flight and Dumbo the Flying Elephant are two very tame rides to get them acclimated if this is their first time for this type of adventure. Once they see other kids their own age laughing and whooping it up, they’ll fall right into the swing of things. Then it will be onward to Winnie the Pooh and It’s a Small World.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park is especially enjoyable for toddlers as well. Seeing lions, tigers, and bears close up and personal is always a thrill for wee-ones. The “Bone Yard” where kids can dig in the dirt for dinosaur fossils is always a big hit with toddlers, and shows such as The Lion King are to every toddler’s squealing delight.

Grade School-Aged Children

Children in this group, anxious to show off their braveness, will head straight to Space Mountain if they’re at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, but only if they are tall enough. Their love of adventure will then lead them to rides such as Splash Mountain, the Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train.

Even at their age, elementary school-aged children still have some traces of make-believe running through their heads, though they seldom will admit to this. They still want to watch Tinker Bell fly and they don’t want to miss the excitement of the nightly parade. They only think they’re all grown up, but they’ll soon drop their guard.

If your plans are taking you the EPCOT, you should hear no objection. There are more than plenty of fun things to do for this age group. Since most of them will want to head straight for the rides, Frozen Ever After, Mission: Space (Green), Soarin’, Spaceship Earth, Test Track, and a whole bunch of other action-packed adventures are what awaits them, and they’ll want to go on all of them. Little do they realize, they may even learn a few things while they’re having fun. Shhh… Our little secret.

Disney’s Hollywood Studio is also a huge attraction for grade school kids. With rides like the Rock N’ Roll Coaster, Jedi Training, and Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, a great time is always on the menu for them
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Chances are if you were to ask your tween what they would most enjoy doing, you would receive a resounding and resolute, “I don’t know.” They probably don’t know. It’s an awkward age. But as a parent there is one thing you can at least be certain of, they’ll love any Disney theme park you take them to.

Disney’s Hollywood Studio seems to be the general consensus of the majority of tweens, but this isn’t etched in stone. In their minds, the rides and attractions are more adult-like. More sophisticated, if you will. Chances are they no longer give two hoots about some person dressed in a silly snow princess costume. They’ve caught on to the scam.

A tween’s newly discovered sense of adventure makes EPCOT a top choice.  Here they can explore different lands and cultures while even trying a taste of each countries native foods. The kid in them will love the rides while the emerging teenager will thrive on the many other new and exciting experiences they will encounter.


Now we’ve come full circle back to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. It’s probably one of the few things teenagers and their parents can agree on. Teens just want to let loose and if this entails going on every single ride in the park twice, this is what they will do. Don’t try and keep up. If they are mature enough, make sure they have a cell phone or a meet back up time and place, and step aside. This a Disney property. They couldn’t be any safer.

It isn’t that teens wouldn’t enjoy all of Disney’s wonderful theme parks, quite the opposite is true, but at this point in their lives they want to hold onto whatever kid may still be hanging on before it’s too late, so in the majority of these cases, only the Magic Kingdom will do.
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Time permitting, the best vacation would be to visit several Disney locations while you’re in Orlando. Especially if you have children of different ages. It can easily be done, you know. Check out some of the deals so your family doesn’t have to miss a thing.

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