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Top 10 Ways to Feed Your Sweet Tooth at Disney

by rain0975 via Flickr

Vacation is supposed to be one of those “what the heck” times, when we dive in to all those fun and delicious things we deprive ourselves of all year long. A visit to Disney World is certainly an exercise in indulgence and there’s nothing more indulgent than some gooey, over the top desserts and sweets.

If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, you may want to avoid even thinking about these goodies. The literal hordes of expertly crafted sugary delicacies are renowned for knocking down every dietary barrier ever constructed. All it takes is overhearing one “Oh, this is sooo… good,” for the walls to come tumbling down. And they will tumble. They always do.

So go ahead and treat yourself, knowing full well a treadmill will be awaiting your return home. To keep from zig-zagging from an ice-cream parlor to a cannoli stand here’s something to make the plight of any sugar-high seeker a bit easier. From ice cream to French pastries, this will help guide your sweet tooth in the direction of its most intense craving.
Beaches and Cream

Forget about cholesterol levels for a moment as you swan dive into a huge bowl of ice cream. This isn’t just any ice cream, mind you. It’s handcrafted and you can’t get the wild and crazy concoctions Beaches and Cream whips together anywhere else on earth. It makes the idea of disappointing your doctor make better sense than letting your own self down. Go for it.

For out of this world scrumptiousness as never previously experienced, you may want to go for the gold with a No Way Jose, if you think you can handle it. Have plenty of napkins ready if you do. It’s so big it’ll be flowing over the sides of the bowl. Giant scoops of chocolate and vanilla ice cream begin the parade to then be joined by a creamy layer of peanut butter which is then topped off with a variety of blended fudge sauces. But wait. There’s more. Let’s not forget the whipped cream and the peanut butter and chocolate chips. If this sounds like a mission for you, good luck finishing the whole thing.
Disney World Sweets Beaches And Cream

by ldcross via Flickr

Earl of Sandwich

Besides offering up their tasty array of magnificent sandwiches on freshly baked bread, and hey, we all have to eat, there is one more reason why Earl of Sandwich needs to become a dot on every sweets lover Disney road map. Nobody wants to learn about something they should have tried, after the fact.

Imagine if you will… Two very large freshly baked brownies made from scratch using only the finest of ingredients. As if this enough to get anyone drooling with delight, imagine if they were then filled with a rich creme of vanilla, chocolate or peanut butter as they are presented to an amazed diner, their spoon hand trembling with anticipation. Quit imaging. Go to Earl of Sandwich and get ‘ya some.

The Writer’s Stop – Disney Hollywood Studios

Who doesn’t foam at the mouth when they spot a freshly baked carrot cake smothered in sweet cream cheese frosting? They’ve been known to create worrisome palpitations in some, but nothing that cannot be cured by the first sinking of the teeth.

Hmmm… What could possibly be any better than that? How about an outrageously over-the-top carrot cake cookie which more resembles a sandwich? Two round pieces of fresh carrot cake are sandwiched together with the primary target embedded in between them, this being the incredibly rich and decadent cream cheese frosting which is in no short supply. Can you say, Ooh-la-la?

The Mickey Bar

The Mickey Bar can be found everywhere on Disney property. There are some people who just don’t go for the fancy-schmancy sweets that cause others to uncontrollably convulse. They want simple and non-complex but they still want their treats to be yummy. The Mickey Bar, a very popular treat, satisfies their craving like no other chocolate coated vanilla ice cream bar in existence. There is just something about biting into one of those ears that’s uniquely satisfying.
Disney World Sweets Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar

by catchafallingstar via Flickr

Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie, France

This place can be a real problem for anyone with little resistance or willpower. Their selection of freshly prepared sweet French pastries and such is so immense it’s too easy to stop in for another one each time a person walks past. And it is exactly what guests end up doing. It becomes a quest of sorts to try each and every item in the display cases. Éclairs, Mousse, Napoleons, and Crème Brulee only scratch the surface of what is available. There is always something with someone’s name written all over it which they simply cannot resist.
Disney World Sweets At Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie

by edrussell via Flickr

The Dole Whip – Aloha Isle – Magic Kingdom

Prepare yourself. You might want to work yourself up to this one. It’s a pineapple flavored soft serve. You can have it plain or as a pineapple float. For anyone preferring to really spice things up, during certain times of the year at EPCOT, this tasty concoction can be had with a shot of rum.

This treat is so immensely popular, to not try one should be against the rules, and judging by how many of these get consumed, it just might be.
Disney World Sweets Dole Whip

by nefasth via Flickr

Strawberry Shortcake – Sunshine Seasons

There is no shortage of strawberry shortcake anywhere at Disney, but if you want the best of the best, head straight to Sunshine Seasons. How they make it so light is a secret known only to them, but it practically floats off the plate. The fresh fruit helps hold it down and on a hot day in Orlando, this will refresh you as nothing else can.
Disney World Sweets Strawberry Shortcake

sanctumsolitude [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Zebra Domes – Animal Kingdom Lodge

These little coffee and Kahluha treats are amazing. They’re white with chocolate stripes, hence the name. They are available all around the lodge so they’re easy to find. Even if you’re staying somewhere else it’s worth a visit to the Animal Kingdon Lodge even if for nothing else. You won’t regret it. Promise.
Disney World Sweets Zebra Dome

by harshlight via Flickr

School Bread, Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, Norway

School bread from Norway resembles a doughnut but it’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted from Krispy-Kreme. It’s filled with sweet Norwegian custard and coconut and it is very, very, rich. A trip to the bakery is well worth everybody’s time as they also serve a large array of other Norweigan treats that’ll simply disintegrate in your mouth.
Disney World Sweets School Bread At Norway Epcot

by sanctumsolitude via Flickr


Cupcakes are all over the place and they are always fresh, hand made, on the large side, and better than Grandma Betty used to bake. You can have them plain, i.e., chocolate or vanilla, but if you really want to live a little, as you should, get one of the fancy ones, grab a seat, and prepare to have an epiphany.
Disney World Sweets Cupcakes

by harshlight via Flickr

While even the greatest sweet tooth in the world will meet its match on any Disney property, these are some of the best treats every adoring fan of all things sugary should challenge themselves to partake of.

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