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The Most Insane Restaurants in the World

Tired of visiting restaurants that always seem to look the same? Food is never boring, if you find the right place to eat. No one said that restaurants have to be fancy or that they must have the traditional way of serving with the ideal ambiance in order to be worth the trip. Stimulate your appetite with these new and unusual takes on the dining experience. Here are the few of the most insane restaurants in the world:


1. Vampire Café – Japan

Different themed restaurants are getting wildly famous all over the world, and once you’re in Japan, you’d hear a lot of people talking about the Vampire café. The café is famous for its weird, wacky, crazy and insanely strange setup. With the blood red scheme, the coffin-shaped menus, the blood-stained bathroom sinks, and the dimly lit environment , the cafe is the perfect balance of creepy and fun. Walls are covered with red velvet, waiters take orders while dressed in tuxedos and the waitresses dress in French maid outfits.

While sitting on the red thrones, you can sip a dark red aperitif garnished with creepy miniature skulls. Candles atop coffins flicker and this place is creep enough to make Dracula work up an appetite for more blood-soaked treats as baroque music plays through this morose restaurant.

Vampire Cafe
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2. Dinner in the Sky – Worldwide

Most people would balk at the idea of dining in midair, over 160 feet above the ground, but others consider it a thrilling experience. More a concept than a fixed restaurant, basically a crane hoists a platform holding the guests securely strapped onto dining chairs, the staff, the table, and everything else that is essentially required. Local chefs and high end restaurants provide the meal and service. The concept originated in Belgium but has gained worldwide popularity and has expanded to other countries from the United States to Russia.

Dinner in the Sky – Worldwide
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3. Dalu Robot Restaurant – China

At the Dalu Robot Restaurant, they say that robot service is better than humans. Enjoy the company of robots as they dance to keep you entertained while you enjoy your meal. The best part is that they would serve you without that typical human attitude, carrying food trays in a conveyor belt-like system. More than a dozen robots are currently operating in this restaurant using the motion sensors.


4. Modern Toilet – Taiwan

This is probably the most insane restaurant in the entire world, and it is actually quite famous all over the globe because of this weird yet unique theme. Most of you would consider the restaurant to be gross, and it would probably test your gag reflex, whereas, it is actually very clean. The Modern Toilet owner says that this theme is just set to confuse the senses of the person. The food is served in containers shaped like a toilet seat, and the drinks are served in mini urinals, while actually sitting on the toilet seats, non-functional of course. The tiles of the restaurant are similar to those of the typical bathroom tiles.

5. Redwoods Treehouse – Warkworth, NewZealand

The Redwoods Treehouse was commissioned as part of a marketing campaign by the Yellow Pages in 2008. The result is a striking pod-shaped structure built ten metres high in a redwood tree near Warkworth, north of Auckland.  Access to the Treehouse is provided by an elevated treetop walkway. The Redwoods Treehouse is now available for hire as a private venue for corporate events, work parties, product launches, intimate weddings and other celebrations. Diners access the restaurant via an elevated walkway built out of redwood milled on site. This beautiful restaurant is used exclusively for private functions and events, with  capacity for 30 guests. You cannot book for individual dining.


6. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – Rangali Island, Maldives

Rated “the most beautiful restaurant in the world” in 2014, Ithaa sits just under six meters below the surface, offering 180-degree panoramic views of the exquisite coral gardens that surround it. Ithaa (meaning ‘mother of pearl’ in the Maldivian language of Dihevi) serves contemporary European cuisine in a six-course set evening menu. Enjoy indulgences such as caviar for dinner while the smaller lunch menu offers lighter choices. Also open for mid-morning drinks and can be booked privately for special occasions including weddings or maybe just for a private breakfast.

Located at the Conrad Maldives, this gorgeous and intimate underwater restaurant is more than seventeen feet below sea level. This all-glass restaurant has a set menu consisting of fresh seafood, beef , veal, and other gourmet delights. Surrounded by a transparent acrylic roof, the restaurant offers its diners a 180-degree panoramic view of sea creatures swimming in the waters above. Zinc paint protects the restaurants steel structure from corrosion. So sit back and relax in the vibrant coral gardens that will surround you.



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