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What is the Cheapest Time to Visit Disney World?

Disney World is a favorite family vacation destination, but it can be expensive. With recent changes to ticket pricing, admission can cost almost 50% more on some days than others. So, when is the cheapest time to visit Disney World? With a little advance planning, you can save a bundle on admission tickets when you visit the Walt Disney World parks.

If you have flexibility in your travel dates, you can save a lot of money by choosing to visit Disney World on their less busy days. The parks will always be bustling with visitors but the crowds will be a little less hectic, the lines a little shorter, and, best of all, you’ll pay less for your Disney tickets. That means you’ll have more money left over to splurge on Disney souvenirs or to reward your crew with some delicious Disney treats.

There used to be one flat rate for visiting Disney World, although that price decreased per day for those who purchased multi-day tickets. However, now the theme park has created demand-based ticketing. This ticketing option means that the price that you pay for each day could fluctuate depending on when you are visiting. The factors that now affect the ticket price are the day of the week and the number of people who normally visit Disney World at that time.
Cheapest Times To Visit Walt Disney World

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The peak times for visiting Disney World, which will now be the more expensive time to visit, include the following dates:

• New Year’s and the very first week in January
• Easter and Spring Break, which is usually the last two weeks of April but can vary depending on the year
• The month of July through the third week of August, which is basically the entire summer
• All Saturdays during the month of October and November, which includes the Food and Wine Festival
• The entire week of Thanksgiving
• The last two weeks of December, which coincides with Christmas break
Regular priced days for visiting Disney World will now be as follows:
• All weekends during the months of January and February
• The end of March through the early days of April
• The last two weeks of May through the end of June
• All weekends in the month of September
• The entire month of October through early November
• The first two weeks of December
The cheapest days to visit Disney World, which are now considered value days, are going to be the following dates:
• All weekdays from the second week in January all the way through the end of February
• The first part of March
• The first part of May
• All weekdays from the very last week of August through the first week of October
• The middle of the week during the week before and the week after Thanksgiving

The easiest way to see which dates that you are considering are the cheapest is to visit Disney World’s ticketing page. This page will show you what price you will pay for the days that you are interested in and will show you how waiting a few days, or a few months can save you quite a bit of money.

It is important to note that the days when the tickets are the cheapest may not be the best times to visit the theme parks. The reason for this is that most of the time, the park hours are shorter during those times of the year. Plus, some of the shows are not shown every single day when there are fewer crowds. If those things are not a deal breaker for you, then you will want to take full advantage of the cheaper prices that you can get for your tickets. However, if they are deal breakers, then you will want to see if you can get a reasonable price for the days that have everything that you want to see and do, during the amount of hours that you want to spend inside the parks.

If the ticket prices on the cheapest days still seem to be a little high to you, you may want to consider taking advantage of Disney World’s Magic Kingdom’s Holiday tickets. The most popular one is Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Christmas and while you will pay less for your holiday ticket, there is one drawback.
Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Disney Tickets

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The Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party ticket will not allow you to enter the park until four o’clock in the afternoon. This is close to the time that all the regular daytime visitors will be leaving, and you will need to make sure that you receive a special wristband that allows you to stay. Once you have walked through the gates, you are allowed to stay until midnight.
This might not seem like it is that great of a deal, but eight hours inside a Disney park with fewer guests is amazing! It is recommended that you take advantage of this deal within the first couple of days of the season, which is normally around Veteran’s Day. The reason for that is that there are always fewer people in the park to begin with and you will have shorter waits for all the rides.

The best part about finding cheaper tickets to Disney World is that the rates for the hotels seem to reflect the rates of the tickets to the park. That means that you will pay less for a hotel when you visit during the value days at the park and that gives you a double savings opportunity!

There is no need for you to pay high prices to visit Disney World, as long as you have the flexibility within your schedule to visit on the days when the tickets are cheaper. If you have been wanting to go and visit Disney World for quite some time now, we recommend checking out the new ticketing options and seeing how little you will need to pay to have a fabulous time!

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