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10 Foods You Should Never Eat Overseas

Food is supposed to be eaten to provide energy and nutrition for our bodies and to keep us strong and healthy. In recent years, food has become more than this. We eat to feel good, have fun and get over heart aches but there are certain lines we should not cross. One of such is eating just anything that appeals to our fancy when overseas. To be on the safe and healthy side, these are the foods you shouldn’t eat overseas.
1. Local Liquor
This tops the list for obvious reasons. Craft brew, local drinks, homemade hooches and the many names it goes by are local alcoholic beverages that are usually made and stored in not-so sanitary conditions. Their alcoholic levels can also not be categorically defined; the potency may be well above what you’re used to.
Local liquor - 1 - 10 Foods You Should Never Eat Overseas

2. Restaurant Food/Street Food
As tempting as this would be, just look the other way because it always is not as safe as it looks. These foods might be sources of strange parasites or infections.
Street food - 2

3. Spicy Food
Spicy food is good but in a foreign land you should think twice before indulging yourself. Spices are sure laxatives, particularly the green and red chilies. Who knows if exotic chilies do the job faster!
Spicy food - 3

4. Unpasteurized Dairy
Unpasteurized dairy products are likely sources of food borne diseases as they’ve not passed through the process of pasteurization that kills harmful bacteria found in raw milk and milk products.
Raw eggs - 5

5. Raw Eggs
Avoiding raw eggs includes avoiding mayonnaise, salad creams, special cocktails and other foods that are prepared with raw or semi-cooked eggs.
Unpasteurized diary - 4

6. Bush Meat
Bush meat, the flesh of undomesticated animals is capable of transmitting animal to human viruses. Even when cooked, it is not advisable for foreigners who are not likely to be immune to the local viruses and will be at risk of their immune system being unpleasantly affected.
Bush meat - 6

7. Processed Meat
This looks and is actually tasty but it is not always cooked to the bones. Its one case where you cannot judge a book by its cover as the muscle tissue can still be harbouring certain parasites.
Processed meat - 7

8. Buffet/Leftovers
Food that sits unattended to for hours can be a breeding zone for all sorts of unappealing organisms. You cannot guarantee the safety of any food that’s not fresh. For a buffet, if you’re not there as soon as it’s set out, all sorts of uninvited guests could be feasting on it.
Buffet - 8

9. Sauce
Many things can go wrong with sauces as they can be prepared with water of poor quality, local herbs and spices and even raw eggs. If you have no option, make sure it’s thoroughly cooked and steaming hot.
Sauce - 9 - 10 Foods You Should Never Eat Overseas

10. Fish/Shell Fish
As delicious as these are, they can be carriers of dangerous illnesses such as anisakiasis and shellfish poisoning, which can cause diarrhea and vomiting.
Fish shell fish - 0 - 10 Foods You Should Never Eat Overseas

Whatever you do, safe is definitely better than sorry. Don’t just dig in like a local or your body may react in a way that’s not local at all!

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