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7 Best Live Shows at Walt Disney World

Thousands of people arrive at Walt Disney World every day to ride their favorite rides and meet as many Disney characters as they possibly can. However, in between all that magic, everyone also needs to take the time to see at least a few of the phenomenal shows that can be found within the parks. There are quite a lot to choose from, but a few definitely top the list as must-sees!
Here are the 7 best live shows at Walt Disney World:

1    For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration

There are very few people who haven’t heard the song Let it Go since this movie was released, but this show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is much more than that song. Therefore, anyone who managed to listen to the song millions of times with their kids can still get through this magical show. Visitors can watch as Elsa and Anna continue their sibling rivalry, as the narrators share the history of Arendelle. Kristoff and other favorite characters from the movie will be on stage before all the cast members get the entire audience involved to sing along to Let it Go!
Best Live Shows At Walt Disney World   Frozen Singalong
2    UP! A Great Bird Adventure

Disney’s Animal Kingdom loves its animals and that shows tremendously in the educational production of UP! A Great Bird Adventure! The main character and his dog set out for an adventure of a lifetime where they meet up with more than twenty different species of exotic birds. The characters may be in costume, but the birds are real, and everyone will want to keep an eye out, as the birds may fly right by them on their way up to the stage.
3    Festival of the Lion King

The Festival of the Lion King happens to be one of the most popular Walt Disney World live shows at the moment, so everyone will want to be prepared for long wait times. In fact, visitors will either want to arrive early to guarantee their seats or utilize one of their Fast Passes. This entire show is fast moving with so many vibrant features that a few people want to see it more than once to make sure that they didn’t miss any small details. Everyone should imagine sitting there as they watch impressive stunts, acrobatics, aerial ballet, and extraordinary dances. This show includes highlights from a few of the scenes in the movie, but the best are I Just Can’t Wait to Be King, Can You Feel the Love Tonight, and obviously, The Circle of Life.
Best Live Shows At Walt Disney World   Festival Of The Lion King

By Loadmaster (David R. Tribble) from Wikimedia Commons

4    Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage

This romantic show has been a mainstay at Disney’s Hollywood Studios since November of 1991, which happens to be the same time that the movie hit theaters around the country. Guests can watch this tale as old as time, as it quickly moves from the opening number to the final bow with characters emerging onto the stage at just the right moment. The scenery is spectacular, as are the costumes, and everyone in the audience will find themselves singing along to their favorite songs.
Best Live Shows At Walt Disney World   Beauty And The Beast
5    Finding Nemo – The Musical

Anyone who wants to experience the magic of Finding Nemo will find this show in DinoLand USA at Animal Kingdom. Puppets join the cast members on stage as they plunge into the deep blue ocean waters that were made famous when Nemo got separated from his father. The animation is wonderful, and the lighting is even better, but it is the songs that will make everyone stay on the edge of their seats till the very end.
6    Voyage of The Little Mermaid

This Little Mermaid performance can be seen at Hollywood Studios and visitors can sit in the audience as they watch Ariel make her wish of dancing with humans come true. The live characters mingle with the massive puppets on stage, creating a live scene that captures even the youngest audience members’ attention. A couple favorite scenes include Sebastian singing Under the Sea and Ariel longing to be Part of Your World.
7    Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple

Young visitors who are between the ages of four and twelve can make their dreams come true by registering to participate as a member of this performance. The chosen recruits venture up to the stage to learn how to wield their new lightsabers at one of the ancient Jedi temples. Before they are ready, the Dark Side discovers them, and they must face the challenges of the Star Wars villains.
Best Live Shows At Walt Disney World   Jedi Training Star Wars
These seven shows might be the better ones at Walt Disney World right now, but that doesn’t mean that any of the others are not worth seeing! Everyone should check the schedule of shows for the day when they arrive at the park and then choose the ones that work best with their planned schedule. Hopefully, they can manage to see at least one of the above in between all the rest!

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