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The World is a Dangerous Place. Except in These 4 Countries

Around the world, bucket lists are overflowing with popular destinations waiting to one day be visited. Many of these locations are well-known for receiving millions of annual visitors fulfilling their long-time wishes, which also means extra safety precautions must be observed since these once-in-a-lifetime places are inevitably always crowded. Since these sought-after sights are generally located in international cities, in today’s time’s further caution must be exercised due to political turmoil and unrest.

If keeping an eye peeled for pickpockets, battling hygienically deprived crowds, or worrying about a sudden outbreak of trouble in the streets is keeping you at home on the couch, it’s time to get up and pack your bags. There are some lesser traveled locations where peace prevails. There are countries radiant in beauty which offer life at a slower pace. If your bucket list is still blank because you haven’t as yet discovered a peaceful enough place to stretch out and have a conversation with yourself, get out a pencil and paper.

The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) rated the following countries as the most peaceful on earth.


Iceland is so full of soothing hot springs it would be impossible to be anything but relaxed. In fact, Icelanders are so relaxed the IEP has ranked their extreme northern land as the most peaceful country on earth. If the hot springs aren’t enough, Iceland is abundant in entrancing waterfalls, some plunging as far as 200-feet. If this still isn’t enough, try stretching out in a grassy field of wildflowers while hypnotized by the wonders of Aurora Borealis.

Violent crime is virtually nonexistent in Iceland with only one recorded death of a citizen by an armed police officer. The man had been firing a shotgun in his apartment. The biggest reason for a lack of crime, violent or other, is Iceland’s lack of economic classes, a rarity in any country. Only 1% identifies as upper-class while a mere 1.5% identify as lower-class. The rest of the country meets in the middle.

Politically, Iceland sticks to themselves. They could not care less about what the rest of the world chooses to do or how they care to live. They’ve perfected their Utopia and they’re doing just fine without any outside interference.

There are certainly no shortages of things to do in Iceland whether a great nightlife, shopping, world-class dining, naturism, or getting withered in a spa is on a visitors agenda. Wherever you go in Iceland or whatever you choose to do, just know you’ll do so in safety and without a care in the world.

Danes have no reason to be mad at anyone, especially within their own country where every matter of their lives is taken care of. Health care is a non-issue. They are educated at no cost and all of its citizens are financially on the same level playing field with an average income of $61 thousand and minimum wage being set at $20 per hour. For these reasons and others, they are happy, content, and they would rather be left alone to do their own thing. This does not include visitors who are warmly welcomed and embraced, provided they come in peace.

With its beaches, fjords, castles, museums, hillsides, dense forests, colorful gardens and manors, and ever-friendly people, Denmark has everything and then some. It’s as safe to walk down the street in the daytime as it is at midnight, even in the capital city of Copenhagen.

Dane’s are especially known for their tolerance and for not judging other peoples lives. Live and let live is their unofficial motto. According to a Gallup poll, 67% of Dane’s claim to help out a friend in need on any given month and they firm believers of their social lives being more important than money.

The Alps are known for their majestic beauty. A healthy portion of the mountain range is located in Austria where quaint hamlets dot the countryside and life moves at the snail’s pace of yesteryear. Austria’s citizens share an ‘all is right with the world’ attitude as they show more concern for their peaceful lifestyle than worrying about what the rest of the planet is up to.

There have been very few recorded incidents of any hostility towards visitors, and when there has been it was usually the visitor’s fault. Free speech is encouraged in Austria and the rights of its citizens are highly protected. Opinions are respected and racism is all but non-existent.

Even petty crimes are not the norm in Austria meaning violent crimes are extremely isolated incidents. The citizens are good natured and will happily drink some of the world best beer with any stranger who’ll sit down beside them with a good laugh and friendly company being their only motivation.
New Zealand 

New Zealand is simply breathtaking with its rugged towering mountains, lakes, waterfalls, fjords, to die for beaches, and its warm friendly inhabitants beckoning visitors to come and see them. They are beholden to no one and no one is beholden to them.

Though New Zealand is out of the way and of no real significant value to any other country, they have gathered a strong list of allies to further protect them. They are also ranked as one of the most progressive countries in the world.

Because New Zealand is relatively new to the world stage in comparison to longstanding developed nations, they have as yet to develop racism or any ill-will towards citizens from other countries. Everyone is accepted with an equal amount of hospitality. New Zealanders believe every person is entitled to live the life they choose.

There is no dangerous wildlife to be concerned with in New Zealand so backpackers can trek as far into the wilderness as they desire without the threat of being eaten.  If a quiet time with no other humans in sight is what someone is seeking, they just found it.

New Zealand
Why travel to an overcrowded destination when safety, beauty, and friendly people are waiting to welcome you and make your stay everything you hope it will be? Are you up and off of your couch yet?



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