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Why a Beach Vacation is Good for You

As we’re hit with wave after wave of frigid winter weather, you’re probably dreaming about hitting a warm, sunny beach somewhere. And guess what? A break from the ice and snow may be just what the doctor ordered, with benefits to both your physical and mental well-being!

If you still need a little convincing, here are 11 reasons a beach vacation is good for you.
1    Blue Is Our Favorite Color

People around the world overwhelmingly choose blue as their favorite color. Best guess as to the reason is that it’s known to have a calming, soothing effect and is associated with clear skies. The sight of endless blue waters at the beach has been researched in a study by Michigan State University and the conclusion is that those waters lead to less stress and more relaxation. I’m sure that you all don’t want to argue with science, right???
Blue Is Our Favorite Color
2    Anti-aging Minerals in Ocean Water

Aging is a process that we would all love to forget about and that may be possible if we all spend more time at the beach. The ocean water has multiple anti-aging minerals that assist with preserving your skin’s elasticity. This means fewer wrinkles every time you jump in the water and go for a swim!
Anti Aging Minerals In Ocean Water
3    Your Immune System Will Get a Boost

The water at the beach does more for your body that prevent wrinkles. The iodine in the water can boost your immune system, which means that you will be able to fight off any infection that comes your way. Goodbye germs from all your children’s school buddies!
Your Immune System Will Get A Boost
4    You’ll Sleep Better

Everyone sleeps better once they have spent the day lounging next to the water. Whether it is the scent of the water, the ocean breeze, or the pure exhaustion of doing nothing all day long, we are not sure, but we will take amazing sleep while we can!
You'll Sleep Better
5    Natural Exfoliants

We all love to exfoliate when we are in the shower, but now you can exfoliate in the middle of the day when you are on vacation at the beach. The sand at the beach is a natural exfoliant and you will find yourself with softer and smoother hands and feet after just one day.
Natural Exfoliants
6    Sunshine Fights Depression

Vitamin D is an important vitamin that many people lack in their bodies, especially if they live in the colder climates of the world where there is little sun for at least half of the year. Beaches offer a lot of sunshine and that is one of the ways that Vitamin D enters your body. You may even find that you are happier after spending some time in the sun on the beach, because the sun can also decrease depression. Feeling adventurous? Get even more exposure by trying out a clothing-optional or nude beach!
Sunshine Fights Depression
7    You Can Unplug

No one ever goes to the beach to answer emails or spend lots of time working, so you will feel more relaxed and stress free after a few hours on the beach. You may even find yourself wondering if that gorgeous background is worth digging out your cell phone to take a picture since you are enjoying being unplugged so much.
You Can Unplug
8    Exercise is More Fun

Yes, we know, no one wants to hear the words exercise and vacation in the same sentence, but think of the possibilities! A walk along the shoreline will be a workout without you even realizing it, because the sand makes it more difficult to walk. Plus, there is swimming in the water, a rousing game of beach volleyball, and possibly even a chance to surf. While all of those are forms of exercise, they sound more like fun instead.
Exercise Is More Fun
9    Allergy Relief

You may find that you can breathe easier when you are at the beach, because the air that the ocean brings up to the shore is free from allergens and is not full of pollutants. This fresh air will not only help you breathe better, but will also clear out any lingering phlegm or pollen in your respiratory tract.
Allergy Relief
10    Friendly Locals

Every beach is located in a beach town and everyone who lives there is friendly and outgoing. They all want the same thing that you do and that is to spend the day in the sand while visiting friends and family.
Friendly Locals
11    The Ocean is Amazing

There is no better place to explore the ocean than the beach and you will find that you will see marine life while surfing, snorkeling, or swimming. Plus, you can find shells, driftwood, and other items that you would never be able to find in the middle of a big city.
The Ocean Is Amazing
Who needs an excuse to go to the beach? Sun, sea, sand, fresh air- and now studies show that a beach vacation is good for you! So write yourself a prescription to enjoy a relaxing beach getaway and reap all these scientifically proven health benefits.


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